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How does the personnel transfer work?

Staff leasing, also known as temporary employment or employee leasing, is a labor supply model in which companies hire employees from INOSOLVE to handle temporary staff shortages or cover specific projects.

  1. Needs assessment: as the client, you provide us with information about the type of labor needed, qualifications and skills, duration of the assignment, and other relevant details.
  2. Personnel selection: INOSOLVE evaluates suitable candidates who meet your requirements. They evaluate the skills, experience and qualifications of the available workforce to select the best possible candidates for the job.
  3. Contract and hiring: You, as the client, enter into a contract with INOSOLVE that governs the details of the assignment, including duration, compensation, working hours and tasks.
  4. Deployment of the workforce: The selected temporary employees are sent to you and work there under your guidance.
  5. Compensation and payroll: INOSOLVE is responsible for the payroll and compensation of temporary employees. INOSOLVE pays employees* salary, benefits and other advantages according to the terms of the contract. In return, as the client using the labor force, they pay a fee to INOSOLVE for their services.
  6. End of assignment: As soon as the predefined period has expired or the project has been completed, the assignment of the temporary employees ends.

Staff leasing offers you, as a company, flexibility to hire workers as needed without making long-term commitments. At the same time, it allows workers to work in different companies and industries and diversify their skills. It is important to us to ensure that the rights and conditions of temporary employees are adequately protected and that all legal regulations relating to the supply of employees are complied with.

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